Science Fair Documents

Please note – the only materials permitted at the DPS Science Fair are the display board (see Science Fair Display Guidelines below), and captioned pictures.  (If students are in pictures, please ensure they have media releases.) No other physical materials are permitted.

Required viewing documents:

English Updated Science Fair Condensed Guidelines – These are the DPS guidelines for the DPS science fair.  Metro Science Fair guidelines are included for reference only.

English Updated Science Fair Rubric  – These are the criteria on which judges will be scoring each project.

English Updated Science Fair Display Guidelines – These are the components of the display board (in written format).

English Updated Science Fair Poster Display Explanation – This is a picture of what the display board should look like.


Optional viewing documents:

Sticky Note Idea Generation Activity Optional resource – science fair idea generation activity.

Science Fair Scoresheet Optional resource – scoresheet to use for school judging.

What is Inquiry? Optional resource – what is inquiry?

Science Fair Explanation Tool Optional resource – breaking down a science fair project.

Science Fair Contract Optional resource – contract for teachers to use with students.