Welcome to the DPS Science Fair Page!

The DPS Science Fair will take place on February 9th, 2019.

Please note that the DPS Science Fair is entirely separate from the Denver Metro Regional Science Fair (DMRSF).

The due date for DMRSF registration will be BEFORE the DPS Science Fair.  You must adhere by their registration deadline if you wish to participate in the Metro Science Fair. You do NOT need to participate in the DPS science fair to enter the DMRSF.

Visit their website at http://denversciencefair.com/.

Three of our students were interviewed by Steve Spangler about their projects! Watch it here: http://www.9news.com/video/news/local/science/steve-spangler-science/steve-spangler-introduces-you-to-these-science-fair-rockstars/73-8040950

Does your project include human subjects, living organisms, or viruses?  Please visit http://denversciencefair.com/forms/ and use the form wizard to ensure that your project adheres to safe and ethical guidelines before register for the DPS science fair.

Denver Metro Regional Science Fair – DPS Winners!

Congratulations to the DPS students who were honored at the DMRSF competition in February:

  • Veronica Wolf and Preston Schmidt, Skinner MS, 1st Place in Chemistry, Junior Division.
  • Juno Gregg, Skinner MS, 1st Place in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Junior Division.
  • Maxwell Benedict, Grant Beacon MS, 1st Place in Energy, Junior Division.
  • Sophie Scholl, Skinner MS, 1st Place in Plant Sciences, Junior Division.
  • Isla Anderson, North HS, 1st Place in Microbiology, Senior Division.

The following DPS students received additional awards:

  • Coco Goldman, Skinner MS, CU Denver STEAM Consortium
  • Juno Gregg, Skinner, Office of Naval Research

And finally, congratulations to the following students who have been invited to the Colorado State Science Fair!

  • Veronica Wolf
  • Preston Schmidt
  • Juno Gregg
  • Maxwell Benedict
  • Sophie Scholl
  • Isla Anderson

2018 DPS Science Fair

On Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, students from across the Denver Public School District presented their scientific and engineering findings at the annual DPS Science Fair. Students’ projects communicated investigative findings as they scientifically answered intriguing and relevant questions about the world around them.Again this year we owe a huge “thank you” to DPS teachers, students, the University of Denver and Community Resources, Inc.


DU’s college of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Morgridge College of Education all contributed to making the fair a giant success! We specifically thank Nancy Sazaki, Keith Miller, and Cathy Grieve for all their behind-the-scenes work and support.


Over 200 projects were submitted this year, spanning 10 grade levels! See the next page for specifics about which projects were awarded prizes!


Community Resources, Inc. again this year provided the judges and the training for the judges. Without the organization and commitment this team has to students, the fair wouldn’t be the same. Thank you, Sue Edwards and your team, for helping to make the fair so successful!


Finally, thank you to all the DPS central-office employees who volunteered their time on a Saturday to help make the day run smoothly and successfully. Students first!



2018 DPS Science Fair Awards

3rd Grade


1st: Jonah Bellian

2nd: Quinn Ottele

3rd: Tyler Gurule

4th Grade


1st: Dylan Brainard

2nd: Alex Wilkerson

3rd: Charlie Asbenshade

5th Grade


1st: Mark Thompson

2nd: Aida Bozikov

3rd: Benjamin Farnsworth

3rd through 5th grade Best In Show:

Jonah Bellian:

The Effects of Sunlight on My Homemade Solar Cell

6th Grade


1st: Maxwell Benedict

2nd: Reese Ripley and Ollie Bungum

3rd: Kobe Brambilia

7th Grade


1st: Lia Dino

2nd: Skylar Kasnoff

3rd: Franklin Ridgeway

8th Grade


1st: Sophie Scholl

2nd: Juno Gregg

3rd: Kelvin Benedict

6th through 8th grade Best In Show:

Lia Dino

The Effect of Jello Density on the Speed of Light


High School 1st Place and Best In Show:

Isla Anderson:

Anthropogenic Induction of Antibiotic Resistance by Sulfamethoxazole

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