Welcome to the DPS Science Fair Page!

Please note that the DPS Science Fair is separate from the Denver Metro Regional Science Fair (DMRSF).

You do NOT need to participate in the DPS science fair to enter the DMRSF.

The due date for DMRSF registration is January 17, 2018.

Visit their website at http://denversciencefair.com/.

Does your project include human subjects, living organisms, or viruses?  Please visit http://denversciencefair.com/forms/ and use the form wizard to ensure that your project adheres to safe and ethical guidelines before register for the DPS science fair.

Welcome to the DPS District Science Fair Page!

We are excited to announce that the 2018 Science Fair will be hosted by the University of Denver.  Through DU’s support, DPS has been able to double the size of the science fair, and expose students and families to the scientific research at the campus.  We are thrilled for their participation.

The DPS Science Fair is made possible with help from Community Resources, Incorporated (CRI).  They provide judges to give students feedback and guidance about their science fair projects.  CRI can also help plan school-level science fairs.  Their contact information can be found on the Contact US page.

The 2018 DPS Science Fair will be held on Saturday, January 13th at the University of Denver campus, in the Gates Fieldhouse. This is the same location as the 2016 and 2017 DPS Science Fairs.  More detailed information will be posted in November.

University of Denver Logo, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
University of Denver, Felix Richie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 DPS Science Fair!

Elementary School:

3rd Grade:

1st: Liam Gamache, Swigert, The Impact of Paper Type on its Flammability

2nd: Tillie Abercrombie, Southmoor, What’s The Dirtiest Thing in My Bed?

3rd: Carson Brown and Dash Icenhower-Dobson, Lowry, The Effect of Activated Charcoal on the Color of Beverages

4th Grade:

1st: Nolan Ottele, Polaris, Do Older Buildings Have More Copper in Their Drinking Water?

2nd: Trevor Gurule, Archuleta, Eyes Vs. Ears Who Will Win?

3rd: Caroline Mabey, Swigert, Comparison of Stain Removers with and without Enzymes for Effectiveness on Different Stains

5th Grade:

1st: Ayden Shurley, Cory, Does Washing Your Hands Longer Make Them Cleaner?

2nd: Hailey Green, Westerly Creek, The Effects of Different Types of Salts and Sugars on the Rate of Ice Melting

3rd: Ally Brady, Creativity Challenge Community, Magic Magnets

Elementary Best in Show: Nolan Ottele, Polaris, Do Older Buildings Have More Copper in Their Drinking Water?


Middle School:

6th grade

1st: Lia Dino, Skinner, The Effect of Antibiotics on Bacterial Resistance

2nd: Gusten Sundstrom, McAuliffe, Pykrete or Bust

3rd: Gabriella Isom, Skinner, The Effect of Stress on a Middle School Student’s Heart Rate

7th grade:

1st: Juno Gregg, Skinner, The Effect of Electricity’s Field on the Strength of an Electromagnet

2nd: Kelvin Henry Benedict, Grant Beacon, Effect of Acidity on Galvanic Cells

3rd: Katia Marusich, Hill The Effects of Urine on Shower Drains

8th Grade:

1st: Allison Jones, Bryant Webster, The Effect of Unwashed Hands on Food

2nd: Grace Even, Skinner, The Effects of Different Disinfectants on E. Coli Resistance

3rd: Joshua Miller, Skinner, Effect of Sand Grain Size on Supportiveness of a Structure During Liquefaction Event

Middle School Best in Show:  Lia Dino, Skinner, The Effect of Antibiotics on Bacterial Resistance